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Tamar Hair Bun Girl Embroidery Kit

Tamar Hair Bun Girl Embroidery Kit

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Hair Bun Girl 8" Embroidery Kit

'Hair Bun Girl' is a DIY Embroidery kit. Just follow the stitching & color guides and you'll easily create your own beautiful embroidery art!
Your stitching combined with the printed illustration will create a depth to the embroidery and give a unique character. The fabric is printed with a bright gray pattern of the design, so that you can see where to make the stitches.

Included in Kit

1.  Printed Pattern on 12 x 12" embroidery fabric (colored background)
2.  Easy to follow Stitch and Color instructions
3.  DMC embroidery threads
4.  Embroidery needle
5.  Image of the finished piece
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