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Dreamz Chunky Interchangeable Set

Dreamz Chunky Interchangeable Set

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Three pairs of Symfonie Dreamz interchangeable needle tips in popular chunky sizes with 3 cord lengths; packaged in a clear vinyl case for easy storage.

The chunky set is also a good addition to the deluxe set with three additional sizes.

Extremely attractive color combination, plus unmatched strength.

A smooth join ensures easy stitch glide and no snagging.

Resilient, flexible cords lay flat with no kink or twist.


Set of 3 sizes of Symfonie Dreamz wood interchangeable circular needles packed in a clear vinyl pouch 

  • Size 13 / 9mm
  • Size 15 / 10mm
  • Size 17 / 12mm


  • 2 Cords (24" & 32")
  • 4 End caps
  • 2 Cord keys
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