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Twenty Four Birds Shawl MKAL

Twenty Four Birds Shawl MKAL

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Twenty Four Birds Shawl MKAL 

Join us for a six week shawl knitting adventure!

Designer Helen Stewart of @curioushandmade will be hosting a mystery shawl knit along, beginning March 21st.

YARN: You will need 4 skeins of fingering weight yarn - see below for hints on selecting colors. We have two orders of yarn on the way, and will offer some suggested color sets, or you can select your own!

Register for the MKAL here and receive 10% off the purchase of 2 or more skeins of fingering weight yarn for your shawl (in case you’d like to stash dive for some of it 😉). 

From Helen:

Knit a glorious mystery shawl, inspired by the iconic prints and tapestries of the Arts and Crafts movement.

Those lavish, exuberant depictions of the natural world are a feast for the eyes and the imagination. Lush flowers and forests, twining vines and ripe fruit, mythical creatures and exotic birds: all things bright and beautiful, woven together in glorious abundance.

Our mystery knitalong design this year is a tribute to William Morris and his daughter May, Edward Burne-Jones, and their fellow designers and artists, who left us such a legacy of beauty, and craftsmanship. In this mystery knitalong, we’ll let their work spark our creativity.

Our secret shawl is on a grand scale, full of rich detail and texture to keep you guessing until the end. But don’t let that intimidate you!

The pattern will be suitable for brave beginners through experienced shawl knitters: while the final design seems intricate and impressive, the stitches are straightforward and simple.

Look forward to detailed instructions and row-by-row stitch counts with the Curious Handmade Percentage Checklist™ pattern format.

How it Works

In a mystery knitalong, you take a step into the unknown. The only certainty is that you’re knitting a shawl, and at the beginning, all you know is the type and amount of yarn to use. Everything else is revealed along the way.

The shawl pattern is split into clues (in this case, six clues) and you receive a new piece of the pattern every week. The shawl’s design is a total secret, and we try to keep it that way until the grand reveal at the end of the knitalong.

By knitting each clue as it comes, by the end of the MKAL you will have finished a beautiful shawl. But there's no pressure to "keep up." Knit at your own pace and enjoy the process. 

Clue 1 - Thursday, March 21st

Clue 2 - Thursday, March 28th

Clue 3 - Thursday, April 4th

Clue 4 - Thursday, April 11th

Clue 5 - Thursday, April 18th

Clue 6 - Thursday, April 25th

Even once all the clues are revealed, the knitalong will continue until Friday May 3rd to allow plenty of comfortable knitting time before the final prize draw."

Selecting Colors

Deciding on colourways for a secret pattern can be challenging, so here are some hints. These are ever-so-slightly spoilery, but no more than they need to be to help you choose your yarn.

  • The mystery shawl pattern will use four skeins of fingering-weight yarn. This means that it's an excellent stash-buster, with loads of room for creativity and experimenting with colour.

  • I used three gently speckled colourways to create a blended fade-type effect, with one semi-solid as a feature panel.

  • When deciding on your yarn, you might think about picking three relatively low-contrast skeins and one slightly higher contrast or pop.

  • The pattern includes lace, so highly variegated skeins may obscure the stitch patterns somewhat. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing at all, just something to be aware of if that matters to you.

  • The sample yarn is a singly-ply fingering weight. I really enjoy a single ply for shawls because of the soft and airy effect it produces, but any sock/4 ply yarn would also work perfectly.

  • You could knit the shawl in lace weight yarn instead: you will end up with a smaller shawl, and it’s a good idea to swatch with the needles you’re planning to use to make sure you like the density of the fabric.

  • The sample yarn is 100% merino, but feel free to play with other fibres and blends. A bit of silk would be gorgeous! Someone asked if the design would work with linen: I don’t see why not, as long as you remember that linen yarn has less flexibility than wool and will be less “forgiving”. That can be a little challenging in lace knitting, but it’s totally doable.

Of course, my usual disclaimer applies: this is your shawl, and you should choose whatever skeins light you up. As long as you love the yarn and will wear the colours, that is all that matters. There are no wrong answers here, so go wild!

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