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Purl Strings (Try-on Cords) - Minnie & Purl

Purl Strings (Try-on Cords) - Minnie & Purl

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Purl Strings are innovative, reusable stitch holders that can be used in place of waste yarn. These flexible rubber hollow cords are perfect for trying on your knitting without removing any of it from your needles!

The smooth, tube-style cord allows you to simply put the needle tip into the end of the tube & slide stitches onto the cord.  Stitches are safe while you try on a sweater in progress and then slide easily back onto the needle when you are ready. The cords come in a variety of colors so it is easy to see your stitches.  

Each pack comes with 3 cords (two 1m and one 2.5m length) in a secure screw top circular tin. 

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